This Video Perfectly Describes How We All Act When We Take Ubers

One of the nice parts about working a bartending job is being surrounded by a constant supply of alcohol, but the access to free booze is largely balanced out by having to interact with the people who have spent four hours on a Saturday night paying to drink it.

However, I'd argue it's even worse for those responsible for driving the people home from the bars when they decide they've had enough, as these drivers get to experience all the terrible aspects of interacting with drunk people without any of the rewards that come to bartenders when the bars empty out after last call.

I like to think my strategy of "saying hello and staring out the window in silence for the entire ride" means I have a fairly high passenger rating, but there are more than a few things people do in the backseats of Uber cars that make me feel incredibly sorry for the drivers.

This video from Whelmed Productions covers a lot of those things.