How Do They Stay So Large!?? Fat TV Characters Who Never Lose Weight

Who doesn't love the fat guy? Having a “loveable overweight” character seems to be a consistent theme in many TV shows today. Considering we live in America, the most obese country in the world -- these shows are just being realistic.

My issue though, is when these characters remain overweight, despite the extreme circumstances of the show. If the character never eats, how can he still be so fat!? I understand the actual actor isn't being starved, but can't he make the sacrifice for his character? Do you think Daniel Day Lewis would fluctuate his weight for the betterment of the production? You're damn right he would!

Here are the “Big Three” TV characters with a phenomenally absurd inability to lose weight.

Hurley Reyes – “LOST”

Dude… When thinking of heavy characters of the past 10 years, Hugo “Hurley” Reyes is one of the first characters who pops into most TV watcher's minds. Hurley was one of the “Lost” castaways who was deserted on a mysterious Island. That's right, he was stranded on a freakin' island, and still couldn't lose any weight!

Granted the Dharma Initiative did have a ton of food stored in the hatch that was opened in Season two, there was not nearly enough in there for Hurley to have still stayed that large. (Though he did eat a lot of ranch dressing that one time…).

This is just one of the many mysteries that were never solved on ABC's “Lost.”

Aaron Pittman – “Revolution”

Meet the new never-shrinking fatty on the block. This Google genius has literally walked all over the Northeast, yet somehow appears to be growing thicker as the season progresses. I understand the power has gone out on the show, so therefore he can't watch a P90X video or use a treadmill, but that also means he has to walk everywhere he goes! That's a shit ton of exercising.

How do you walk from Philadelphia to Chicago and not drop a pound!?  It's almost impressive at this point. This is just one of the many absurdities of the new NBC show that has viewers questioning if it's worth still watching.

Samwell Tarly – “Game of Thrones”

The third and final consistent fatty is none other than the loveable Samwell Tarly. He may be the most absurd example of the three. The Crows have been scavenging around for food beyond The Wall for the past two seasons, and yet, Sam is still enormous.

All the Crows complain about is how hungry they are; yet Sam seems to be getting bigger. What is he eating, snow? The babies!? This “Piggy” better find a way to start losing some weight soon, or he might get eaten himself.