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Hospital Staff Share The Strange, Disturbing Things They've Seen Patients Do

A trip to the hospital is never a welcomed event. Whether it's an emergency situation or an unfortunate routine, however, some people choose to make the most of their time spent on the gurney.

Doctors, nurses and other medical staff have quite literally seen it all. They're brave souls and heroic life-savers, but they're also unexpected guests to the occasional one-man peep show.

After a trip to the doctor for a broken arm, one curious Reddit user sparked an interesting conversation among the Reddit community of medical professionals when he asked,

Doctors and nurses of reddit, despite knocking before entering a patient's room, what's the strangest thing you've walked in on a patient doing?

Several people joined in on the conversation with some hilariously unimaginable behind-the-curtain stories.

Apparently, bleak hospital rooms make patients pretty horny. There's a lot of sex, a little blood, serious sh*t talk and more.

The Un-Masked Masturbator

The Sloppy Head

The Quadriplegic Gang-Banger

The Sh*t Toss

A Suicide Prevented

The Curious Case of the Same Pimp

The Bloody IV Mess

The Post-Trach Horn Ball

The Girl Who Used Too Much Teeth

The Violent Masturbator

The Peek-A-Boo Baby

The Sh*t-and-Jerk

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