16 Tinder Pick-Up Lines That Should Have Never Worked As Well As They Did (Photos)

In theory, Tinder is a simple app: You sign up, pick which people you could see yourself having sex with and hope that one of them feels the same way.

Unfortunately, turning theory into practice is slightly more complicated.

Getting a match on Tinder is only the first step -- if you can't think of a opening line that will grab the attention of your potential soulmate (or, more realistically, your potential hookup), you're going to have a lot of trouble when it comes to making your dreams a reality.

There are no shortage of terrible pick-up lines and conversation starters you can choose from while trying to woo your Tinder match, and if I were to compile a list of the most pathetic attempts at getting an actual number, the number of entries would probably be in the millions.

However, there are people out there who are somehow able to bridge the gap between Tinder and the real world by harnessing the kind of lines most reasonable people wouldn't even pay attention to.

When it works, it works

She's going to be crushed when she finds out he stole that line from the rest of the Internet

He might not know how to screenshot, but he knows how to get results

When the person you're Tindering is the one to upload the screenshot, you automatically win

Once you start falling, you never stop

This might be the first time a Pokémon analogy has led to a number

In the Tinder community, this is known as "booking a cruise"

He probably didn't even need that lame excuse to get what he wanted

Who would have thought Vin Diesel quotes could be such a turn on?

[caption id="attachment_762056" align="aligncenter" width="600"][/caption]

So alpha

Someone should tell her there isn't actually a baby

It appears only one person here is interested in taking things slow

Sometimes all you have to do is ask

Ask and you shall receive (it's a two-way street)

Nothing gets me in the mood more quickly than Elektronik Supersonik

The initiation process is comparatively mild