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If Fliers For Summer Camps Were Honest, This Is What They'd Say (Photo)

I had a mild fear of the outdoors and physical activity as a child. As a result, I never got the chance to experience the universally accepted idea of a true summer camp, like the one from "Friday the 13th" with significantly fewer machetes and murder.

However, I've watched "Wet Hot American Summer" enough times to have a solid grasp on what it's like to stay in the woods for a few weeks, and because half of the people I work with seem to have met at summer camp in middle school, I've also heard some stories to supplement my knowledge.

Everybody knows the main way summer camps draw people in is printing fliers on neon paper and moving from town to town, covering every telephone pole and bulletin board in sight.

The posters for this camp might not be as appealing, but at least the kids would know what they're getting into before being dumped unceremoniously out the door of a slowly rolling station wagon next to the dining hall.