13 Hilariously Honest Signs That Tell It Like It Is

Signs are meant to help us. They tell us when to slow down our cars, when to cross streets, when to beware of dogs. But have you ever thought, hm, signs never go far ENOUGH. I mean, haven't you ever had the thought: BUT WHY THESE SIGNS BEING SO COY!!?

No, of course you haven't. You don't think about signs at all because you are, mercifully, not the most boring person in your state. But after seeing these hyper-honest signs that I found (AND YOU'RE WELCOME!), you might start thinking about them.

Actually, you still won't think about signs because they are still boring. Except, you know, these.

Oh, real quick, just to be clear: I mean "information signs." Not that movie "Signs" staring Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix where scary aliens try to take over a planet that is 80 percent water but they're allergic to water.

Accidental honesty is still honesty.

This sign thinks the whole thing through to its logical conclusion for you.

I mean, have you seen "Bambi"? Sh*t's brutal.

This sign just makes everything very clear.

Sometimes, kids, one person's garbage could be another person's garbage.

Transparency is so crucial these days.

Pretty solid business model.

I think this font needs to be a little bigger.


You have to spend money to make money.

Also, their beers don't cause hangovers.

How does one prepare for this exactly?

Common misconception.

Who wants that?