17 Hipster Outfits That Could Easily Be Halloween Costumes (Photos)

by Connor Toole

Hipsters have been mainstream for a lot longer than anyone familiar with their philosophy would expect, and while the "true" hipsters have likely abandoned the lifestyle long ago, their impact on culture and the world of fashion can't be understated.

Over the years, the Internet has documented some of the most ridiculous clothing ever worn in public by people who act like they don't care about the opinion of others despite doing everything in their power to prove that they really do.

If you've ever seen someone walking down the street in the middle of June wearing a feathered headdress, you know that it's not exactly rare to see certain people clad in clothing that could easily be a Halloween costume.

Here are a few examples.

Zach Braff in "Garden State"

I liked that pattern better when it was on an upholstered chair in my grandmother's attic.

The world's most fashionable lumberjack

He might not have all the required safety equipment, but you can be sure he's going to be the best-dressed person at his own funeral.

Kip from "Napoleon Dynamite"

He thought about cutting his hair, but he wasn't going to sacrifice that much work for a stupid costume (he really, really wanted to go as Kip).


He's pictured here after getting back to shore after a three-month voyage with Steve Zissou and the rest of the crew.

Your alcoholic aunt who loves animal print more than anybody should

She's a lot of fun until she starts kissing everyone two hours into the night.


He's the graduate student who thinks abstract concepts make the best costumes.

A player for the Denver Nuggets in the 1980s

He could have splurged for the authentic jersey, but this works just as well.

The 1980s, as a whole

There's "retro" and then there's "I took a time machine 30 years into the past so I could buy an outfit." This is the second one.

A stupid hipster

Hopefully that tattoo washes off.

The girl on the losing end of a bar fight

Nothing should stretch that low unless someone grabbed it in a drunken rage.


Alternatively, it's Jay of "Jay and Silent Bob" fame dressed up as Beetlejuice for Halloween.

Ishmael from "King Pin"

I personally would have gone with any character portrayed by Alan Rickman, but I can understand why he didn't want to take the easy route. Who doesn't like a challenge every once in a while?

A suicidal "Doctor Who"

It's either that or a hamster wearing a suit.

A train conductor

It's either that or a nerdy version of Bruce Springsteen during the "Born in the USA" era.

An anti-smoking PSA

Don't smoke cigarettes unless you want giant metal discs to appear in your earlobes.

The world's coziest construction worker

His outfit might be made of yarn, but I know a helmet and safety vest when I see one.

A Bavarian man

His lederhosen were at the dry cleaner, so he had to go with overalls instead.