The 'Hillary Shimmy Song' Is The New 'Shake It Off'

Personally, I wish I had the temperament to deal with all the haters out there by shimmying it off the way Hillary Clinton did at the first presidential debate.

We reported earlier how the Internet exploded after Hillary responded to Donald Trump's assertion that somehow she's the one with a temperament problem with a lil' ole shoulder shimmy.

If this already wasn't a meme to remember (or is it "re-meme-ber?" how do I conjugate this verb?!), YouTube's own Jonathan Mann created the song "The Hillary Shimmy Song."

Basically, it's the presidential election's version of "Shake It Off," and yes, I'm looking at you Taylor Swift right about now. Change the lyrics to your song and make my idea a reality... RIGHT NOW.

In case you want to sing along to the "Hillary Shimmy" anthem, the chorus goes as follows:

Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, HRC. / Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, Hillary.

So. Addicting. Can't. Stop. Listening.

The song also references Hillary getting her "Jim Halpert on" at the debate, which happened after Donald refused to admit he initially supported the Iraq war.

Of course, Jonathan Mann is also the man when it comes to creating topical songs.

He also composed perhaps his magnum opus the "Donald Trump Sniff Song," which you sniffle along to below.

Man, sounds like there's some sort of wall blocking one of his nostrils!

So, if you have a free 90 seconds or so, give "The Hillary Shimmy Song" a listen to.

And then when you're finished, look up at the clock and realize that four hours have elapsed and that you've replayed the song hundreds of times.

As far as songs go, you could do worse.

Can you imagine listening to the horrifying ditty for four hours?

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