This Guy Successfully Raised Over $1K For Hats That Just Say 'Movies'

Do you like movies? Do you like hats? Holy sh*t, you like both those things at the same time?

Wow, this is a crazy coincidence. I have the absolute perfect thing for you.

Finally, a hat that says "movies" on it.

It's like what everyone kept saying at New York Fashion Week a couple weeks ago:

A hat with the word 'movies' on it is the new black.

I know, I want one, too. But in order to get one, you have to support this Kickstarter. Its slogan says, "Imagine if you had a hat with the word 'movies' on it." I mean, CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THAT?

The Kickstarter is charging $25 dollars a hat, which seems a paltry sum to pay for this sort of fashion statement.

It has a great video you can watch if you want to hear about the idea straight from the horse's mouth. (That's just an expression. He's not a horse. He's a guy with sad eyes.)

Let the man explain.

It's a hat with the word "movies" on it.

Still don't get it? He will clarify further.

Look, we know there are a lot of important issues in the world right now that need addressing, but you need to do your part to help people not forget about movies.

To be clear, "movies" is not a brand. A brand would be something like Oreo or K-Y.

Other brands include Adidas, Folgers, Nike, Polo Bolo, Prada, and whoever makes those single-serve creamers you make pyramids out of at diners.

Don't worry, the creator of this Kickstarter is honest. He even laid out the biggest risk for the lofty endeavor.

Ugh, I hate when my hats don't look right. Oh well, it can't be avoided. If you want a hat with the word "movies" on it, you need to have faith.

The initial goal was $308, but because of the passion and virtue of the general public, the Kickstarter raised over a thousand dollars. I know, it's so touching. Let's look at this movie poster to celebrate.

This is a movie. If you like this movie or any other movie, buy this hat.