A Look Back At Harris Wittels' Funniest Tweets, One Year After His Death

So, if you don't know, Harris Wittels was an unbelievably funny comedian -- a couple of his accolades include inventing the term "humble brag" and being one of the head writers of "Parks and Rec" -- and he tragically died of a heroin overdose exactly a year ago.

All day fellow comedians have been remembering Harris Wittels on social media.

So, you know, I thought I'd try my hand at it. After all, if Mr. Wittels is looking down from heaven, I'd like to win this competition:

Putting together a top ten "Who mourned him best" list. Get your votes in now! — Harris Wittels (@twittels) August 14, 2014

Honestly, some of my favorite of Harris' stuff is actually on the podcast "Comedy Bang Bang" where, when he was on the show, he did this thing called "Foam Corner" -- a segment where he looked at his phone and read aloud his worst, most half-baked anti-jokes. Listen here.

Somehow it's some of the funniest stuff in this young century.

If you want to know more about what an amazing and weird guy he was, check out this essay Aziz Ansari wrote about the late comedian.

But I thought a good way to commemorate him would be to just go through his Twitter and pick my favorite of his jokes, and show you guys.

Because this dude was just heartbreakingly funny.

If you don't like these, that's fine. Every human dingleberry is entitled to his or her terrible opinion.

Everyone's pinky toe is a disaster. — Harris Wittels (@twittels) August 31, 2014
This is some verrrry wild rice. — Harris Wittels (@twittels) August 11, 2014
Not to be "that guy," but sometimes it seems like ALL plutonium is weapons grade! — Harris Wittels (@twittels) May 21, 2014
The ISIS bucket challenge? That something? — Harris Wittels (@twittels) October 24, 2014
At the risk of stereotyping, I feel like all gay people are just attracted to people of their own gender. — Harris Wittels (@twittels) November 28, 2014
There should be a German word for when you don't like someone, but then you hear them open up on a podcast and you gain empathy for them. — Harris Wittels (@twittels) November 13, 2014
That feeling of when you wake up and think it's just another day but then realize OH SHIT Its THROWBACK THURSDAY!!! — Harris Wittels (@twittels) December 11, 2014
Lookin for a girl who hates to laugh. — Harris Wittels (@twittels) February 14, 2015
Guys liking puppies too hard when girls are present, consider this ya burn notice — Harris Wittels (@twittels) December 14, 2014
If you aren't cutting my oatmeal with STEEL, then what the fuck are we doing here?? — Harris Wittels (@twittels) February 18, 2014
I remember as a boy thinking the word memorial sounded delicious, because it reminded me of Oreo in a way. I was in for a RUDE awakening. — Harris Wittels (@twittels) May 27, 2014
I would never try to tackle "single ladies" at karaoke, but i'd have sex with them. — Harris Wittels (@twittels) June 13, 2014
It's funny that Bruce Lee's name was "Bruce." — Harris Wittels (@twittels) May 15, 2014
I don't like that it's okay to make fun of borat now, or to ironically say "my wife" or whatever. It's a very funny movie, you hip assholes. — Harris Wittels (@twittels) June 16, 2014
I'll never be at 69 followers again. Wait! UNLESS I say the n-word a bunch of times and LOSE enough followers! ...but is it worth it....? — Harris Wittels (@twittels) July 6, 2014
Be nice to ALL babies because ya never know -- they could grow up to be hot. — Harris Wittels (@twittels) August 10, 2014
I can tear up from thinking about a fat nerd's dad loving him. — Harris Wittels (@twittels) June 21, 2014
Just a reminder: my email is Thanks! — Harris Wittels (@twittels) February 18, 2015