Guy Makes Incredible Diagrams That Perfectly Explain All Our Problems (Photos)


Chaz Hutton is the Einstein of Millennial math.

Be real for a second. All that math you learned in high school, middle school and probably most of college is essentially pointless.

At no point have I ever been asked to solve for X. In fact, the only time I’ve ever been asked to solve for any letter was "A," and that was for “Pretty Little Liars” and not any kind of equation at all.

For Millennials, the only time advanced mathematics comes anywhere near being valuable is when we’ve been able to retrofit it to do helpful things like figure out how much sleep we REALLY need to function at work or how much beer is equivalent to one vodka gummy bear.

Insta-Chaz does this kind of math better than anyone else on the Internet.

It’s like he’s teaching life through a microeconomics textbook.

This should be required education in college, instead of statistics, trigonometry or something else difficult and useless.

Get this guy a grant, or just give him money or something.