This Guy's Reaction To Killing A Spider Is Exactly How It Feels When You Find One

I believe I speak for most Americans when I say I truly do not f*ck with spiders.

Yes, I understand they're actually good for our environment and food chain and all that, but seeing a big, nasty one at the crib is probably the most stressful situation you can ever find yourself in.

Vine star QPark just dropped a video we can all relate to after we finally sack up and kill the damn things, but find a swarm of baby ones right after.

It's a clear sign to dip from your current location and never return again.

The "Hell To The Naw Naw" song is the perfect reaction track to this and so many other damn things in life.

There's just some stuff that, no matter what the case, people just can't f*ck with. For most of us, spiders are usually one of them.