This Guy Tried To Group Text 32 Tinder Matches And Failed Miserably (Photos)

by Alexia LaFata

Either this dude has no idea how group messages on iPhones work or he genuinely didn't care that 32 of his Tinder girls were going to see that he sent the same message to each of them. For his sake, I hope it's the first one.

"Joshua" must have been incredibly lazy that day because it appears he sent a mass text to every female he right-swiped.

I mean, maybe he was just bored and looking for some innocent companionship, but — no, I really can't justify this guy if I tried. This is just weird.

Check it out:

Any conversation that starts off with "Hey gorgeous :)" from a near-stranger would probably make a girl feel wary -- but with 32 girls, it's a whole other story.

The girls quickly realize what happened.

Clearly Joshua doesn't matter too much because they don't seem to know who he is. Poor J.

One girl suggests that it's some kind of scheme to get a bunch of girls to text him so he could feel, um, special?

Well, it would make sense because all the girls are attractive -- or, rather, "gorgeous."

Now they realize that the Internet was made for idiots like "Joshua."

And this random, pissed off girl from London clearly doesn't understand that everyone in the group seems to have iMessage, so there won't be charges. Girl, don't make this all about you.

Someone finally asked him why he hasn't talked yet. Perhaps his girlfriend saw this group text and murdered him.


Oh, now we understand why "Joshua" mass texted: "It would take hours to text you individually." We get it, you're sooooo busy.

"Dull blunt object," huh? If I were you I'd opt for a sharp object lit on fire, but that's just me.

This was definitely a day-maker.

I guess something good came out of this -- new friendships. Also, this girl is 100 percent not kidding.

PSA: Learn how an iPhone works before you mass text.