People Can't Handle This Guy's 'Hot Dogs Or Legs' Beach Photo

Men who want to post pictures of their hairy legs at the beach on Instagram have been persecuted for too long.

Reddit user IdanTs posted a picture of his legs enjoying a beach day with a caption that sums up the plight of hairy beachgoers everywhere.

“When girls upload pictures like this, they get thousands of 'likes,' but when I do... everyone loses their minds.”

The picture was viewed almost three million times and raises an excellent question about the double standards society puts on people with hairy bodies.

Why should someone with a heart of gold and the body of a wookie not enjoy the thrill of sharing his or her day at the beach on social media? As a society, are we ready to accept all people on their quest for "likes" or are we giving that privilege to only the hairless few?

Before we can grow as a people, we need to ask ourselves these hard questions.

I'm not a civil rights professor, but I think IdanTs' legs are the perfect way to open up this incredibly important dialogue.

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