Guy Turned His Family's Boating Trip Into A Hilarious Rap Music Video

My family never went on any boat trips, but if we did, my sister and I would’ve been way too busy throwing up over the side to make a dope video like this kid.

About 30 seconds into a boat trip, my stomach starts a rebellion against my brain and fights for its God-given right to barf.

What’s so amazing about this video is it makes the most normal, wholesome family fun look pimp as hell. This guy's music video editing technique is lit.

My favorite part is definitely the dad’s expression throughout. His wife keeps telling him to “slow down” (which is incidentally the name of the Clyde Carson hit that inspired the video), and the dad just looks at the camera, his face betraying nothing, and hits the gas harder.

OK, now go listen to "I'm On A Boat" and think about the weekend.