This Guy Quit His Job With The Most Savage Greeting Card Ever

In movies and TV shows and daydreams, everyone is always quitting their jobs in dramatic, stupendous fashion.

But in real life you want a recommendation from your boss, so no matter how badly you want to poke their eyes out with your toes ("toe their eyes out"), you don't.

You smile and pretend to be sad and try not to piss on the floor as you wait for that final elevator ride to freedom.

Thankfully, there are some among us who are brave. Some among us are dreamers. Some among us live as we can only wish.

One Imgur user is one of those people.

They gave their two weeks notice with a Hallmark card — designed, I can only assume, to be given to someone who has just lost a loved one. (Side note: Who is handing people a mass-produced card when their mom dies and thinking that it will help? How is this industry surviving?)

But the quitter in question customized the card to fit his or her purposes. The final product is as delightful as it was ingenious.

I can only imagine that handing someone this makes you feel like you are, let's say, a rocket ship with a full tank of condensed space fuel breaking out of Earth's atmosphere into the pure open black bliss of space.

In other words: really good.

I hope this inspires those of you out there to follow in this human's beautiful footsteps.

Fly free, capitalist day laborers! Fly free!