Lifestyle — This Guy Walked Around Pretending To Be A Jockey At The Belmont Stakes

About a year ago, we sent a really tall guy to the NBA draft to see if people would believe he just got drafted. It worked well enough that LeBron James is making a movie about it -- but that's a different story for another time.

On Saturday, we wanted to see if we could pull off the opposite. We wanted to see if we could convince the masses at the 2016 Belmont Stakes that a really short guy was an actual jockey. I can't think of a more qualified short guy than our friend Tyler Fischer to do the job.

We followed Tyler, in full jockey garb, filming his interactions as his “official documentary crew.” Somehow, no one called him out on not knowing anything about horse racing or wearing cheap, rubber rain boots. It turns out it's very easy to convince drunk, sunburned guys in blazers pretty much anything. Who would have thought horse jockeys get so much love though?

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