Karma: Guy Hilariously Pranks Company That Scams Old People Online (Video)

At the risk of offending the two people over the age of 75 who can use a computer without downloading every toolbar on the Internet, I think it's safe to say most senior citizens are less than proficient when it comes to understanding modern technology.

This normally doesn't lead to anything more than an occasional series of jumbled texts from your grandmother, but thanks to the work of people with no souls, it can also lead to multiple wire transfers to an African prince who doesn't exist.

By now, most people have realized that Nigeria doesn't actually have a bunch of royal beneficiaries, but that's far from the only scam out there intent on exploiting people with little to no understanding of how technology actually works.

Jack Vale decided to turn his attention to a scam that preys on technologically illiterate people who misspell the names of popular websites.

After calling the number that promised to fix his problems, Vale decided to have a little bit of fun with the representatives while they did what they could to obtain $400 and remote access to his computer.

They didn't do enough.