Guy Pranks Bros On Spring Break By Pretending They Met On Grindr (Video)

I don't think there's anything more "hetero" than a couple of hyper-ripped, hairless guys wearing matching cowboy hats and carrying around jugs of orange juice on the beach.

That apparently also makes them (and a few other people) the perfect candidates to get pranked by a "gay guy" pretending to have met them on Grindr.

I'm unsure whether the host of this video is actually gay or if he based his character off how he thinks a drunk George W Bush would act at a barbecue, but regardless, these guys did not seem to enjoy his approaches.

At one point, one of the aforementioned juice-carrying cowboys asks the host if he is "trying to die." You know, just to dip his toe in a hate crime.

Anyway, enjoy!