Average Guy Gives His 'Magic Mike'-Obsessed GF A Hilarious Striptease (Video)

It's one thing when your significant other watches "Magic Mike" with her girlfriends. It's another thing when she watches it three times in one week.

In other words, this guy's girlfriend wants a different boyfriend.

This guy, however, took that to mean he needed to make a video where he ambushes her guerilla style with disturbing yet adorable stripteases.

The performance involves -- but is not limited to -- squeezing a sponge full of gross soapy water all over his bald head.

So, yeah. I can't decide if it's scary or romantic.

The couple seems genuinely happy and in love, but you should try to imagine what this video would be like if she didn't laugh. It'd be a man humiliating himself in front of a displeased girlfriend who spends every waking moment thinking of Channing Tatum's tater tots.

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