This Guy's Plan To Make His Ex Jealous Backfired In The Most Epic Way


Breakups can turn nice people into assh*les -- but they turn assh*les into loyal servants of Satan.

This is not too surprising, really. After a breakup you're either super insecure, hurt, angry or an ego trip. All that can make normal people into total monsters.

The key is to not act on your monstrous impulses, or at least do it in such a way that you have some plausible deniability. Sadly, people rarely follow that simple guideline.

Especially not this douche-sh*t who had his attempt to make his ex jealous backfire super gloriously.

Trying to make an ex jealous is the most natural thing in the world. But most of us have the decency to do that by including a hot person in one too many of our Instagrams — because we are, like, normal.

By the time you're an adult, you know how to leave enough hints on social media to be sure your ex will suspect you're with someone else, but also won't be able to say you're purposefully trying to f*ck with him or her (which you absolutely are) -- like a normal person.

Unfortunately, for this guy, who just sent his ex a picture of him with a new woman, his sh*tty plan had some unintended consequences.

This is like poking an alligator and having a doctor pop up out of the swamp to tell you that you have cancer.

And she seals the deal with a one-two punch of "who dis?" and no response.

Dude, just crawl back into your butthole, where you came from.