Guy Uses Snapchat To Turn Himself Into Some Fierce Disney Princesses (Photos)

Disney movies are great because they teach us an important lesson: If you wait long enough, a man with nice hair will fix everything.

That's why whenever I get too drunk, I make sure to pass out in front of a Trump Hotel, hoping to be rescued by that orange-haired king.

Because people are afraid to let go of their childhoods, Disney movies are going through a huge Internet nostalgia revival.

Case in point: Thom White, a 22-year-old dancer, creates images of himself as Disney Princesses and posts them to Snapchat with amazing captions.

His Snapchat username is moochiemane, if you want to scour his work yourself, but here is a selection of his finest pieces.

Tinkerbell in the club.

Jasmine chilling with her bird.

Let it bae.

Pocahontas on fleek.

Mermaid chic.

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