Guy Cuts Off Some Of His Leg Muscle To Study What Flesh Tastes Like

The only people who know what human flesh tastes like are people stranded on desert islands and, I'm guessing, a couple German people. (By the way, I just typed "German eats" into Google to find that story I linked to, and the first suggestion was "German eats man" -- chill out, Germany.)

But now, so does Greg Foot, a host who appears on BBC's YouTube channel Brit Lab. Also, Greg has kind of an unfortunate name for a guy about to find out what his flesh tastes like.

Now, OK, he didn't actually eat any human flesh. That's illegal, even if it's your own. It's one of those laws, like suicide, that everyone was just like,

Yeah, I know it's your body and everything, but just stop.

What Mr. Foot (seriously, can't get over this name) did was have scientists remove portions of his leg, and then he cooked it up and smelled it. Smell, after all, apparently accounts for about 80 percent of our senses of taste.

Imagine that. Just bending down and smelling what your cooked leg-beef smells like? Jesus.

OK, but it doesn't stop there because Mr. Foot then had scientists test his cooked leg samples. Then, he prepared a burger with the meats they believed most closely resembled the taste of the flesh... which he then ate.

So, um, anyone hungry?

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