Guy Catches Neighbor Shamelessly Eating Booty Outside In Broad Daylight (NSFW Video)

People have been combining appendages with various orifices to maximize pleasure for thousands of years, but there's one sexual trend that seems to be making a notable resurgence: booty eating.

There are apparently more than a few people who enjoy sticking their tongues in places tongues shouldn't really go and, thanks to Trick Daddy, they even have their own totally real and massively celebrated national holiday in August.

If you've ever clicked on the wrong link (or the right one, if you're into that) on certain kinds of websites, you've probably seen a video of this seemingly unnatural pairing -- but you've never seen one like this.

This is basically the "Cloverfield" of booty eating videos: It might be a slow burn, but if you stick around, you'll get what you were hoping for.