Guy Called Out By Wife's Friend After Admitting To Cheating On The Radio

First things first: Yes, everything said in an Irish accent sounds unbelievably cheerful.

An Irish guy could have a cannon pointed right at my mom's face and threaten to murder her, and to me, he'd still sound like he was asking me over for an early brunch.

So giggle as much as you want about that for the first minute or so of this radio program, but at around two minutes in, start paying attention because this, ladies and gentlemen, is stupendous journalism.

A man named Michael called in to discuss monogamy, and after arguing with the hosts for a bit, he admitted to having several one-night stands with his wife's friends.

He explained he's been married for over 20 years and was even caught once, 10 years ago, but she forgave him. He showed absolutely no remorse.

The hosts berated him for this behavior for a while, and he vehemently defended himself, UNTIL, drumroll, one of his wife's friends (who he did not sleep with) CALLED IN and called him out.

It's about as awkward as watching someone suddenly fall head first into a sewer on his or her wedding day.

Of course, this is all discussed in Irish accents so really, they just sound like they're discussing Christmas decorations.

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