Grandmas Hilariously Attempt To Define Modern Slang Words (Video)

Inevitably, there will be a point in your life when you're finally forced to accept the fact that you're no longer the cool, hip young person you once were, and it will probably involve the realization the actual cool, hip young people of the world are using slang you don't understand.

As someone who has witnessed multiple people over the age of 40 adding "-izzle" to the end of words, I can say with certainty it's best to just accept old age and the fact that you will never be able to describe your avocado toast as "on fleek" without people rightfully judging you.

There's nothing wrong with that. All the women in this video stopped keeping up with the modern vernacular a while ago, and they turned out just fine -- even if their answers to "What's gucci?" include "a fashion label."

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