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Grandmas Learned How To Roll Joints For Hanukkah

You know the old saying, "Grandmas know best"?

Well, it's true because our grandmas have lived through some pretty incredible life events.

Here is just a sample of the way cooler things our grandmas got to experience when they were younger: Woodstock, Studio 54, the rise of Motown, The Civil Rights Movement, the Moon landing, Beatlemania, etc.

And even though our grandmas are great and inspiring, we at Elite Daily had one question: Do our grandmas know how to roll a solid joint?

So, we decided to put it to the test.

Prior to this video, I stupidly thought this would be a difficult task for grandmas. I thought learning to roll a joint would be a new adventure for these women.

To my surprise, I was very, very wrong.

I wouldn't necessarily say these women were professional weed smokers, but they've definitely rolled their fair share of doobies before.

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We brought in weed smoker extraordinaire Evan Jones to teach these women how to roll a perfect joint with a crutch. (For all you people out there who don't know what a crutch is, it's something to hold the weed at the end of the joint so it's easier to pass.)

After the lesson was over, it was time to get high.

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All the grandmas were extremely excited to relive their glory days with us.

Following an impromptu dance party that included a conga line, they got down to business.

And after we re-taught these ladies how to roll a joint, our mission was to get them to discuss the most underrated holiday of them all, Hanukkah.

While all of these women weren't Jewish per se, they definitely had some great insight into the Festival of Lights. We also sufficiently cured their munchies with some delicious homemade latkes.

So, when you sit down for your holiday dinner, whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or just Saturday night family dinner, remember that grandma has probably been there, done that.

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