84-Year-Old Grandma Bowls A Strike On Her First Try Ever (Video)

If you were cool enough in elementary school to score an invitation to a birthday party at a bowling alley, you know most people have a fairly similar experience throwing the ball down the lane for the first time.

If there are bumpers, the ball will likely take a full minute to carom down the lane before knocking down two to three pins.

If there are no bumpers, the ball will go directly in the gutter and will do the same thing every single frame until the game is over.

However, every once in a while, someone has beginner's luck, even if that "beginner" is an 84-year-old woman who has allegedly never touched a bowling ball before throwing the guided missile in this video that manages to knock down every single pin.

There are a couple of alternate explanations for what we witnessed here -- grandma could just be a hustler, and there's a chance she's actually PBA legend Pete Weber dressed up in an elaborate costume a la Uncle Drew -- but something tells me the simplest explanation is the right one in this situation.

I just hope she didn't try again after this. No use risking your perfect record when you can retire on top.