Goat Dressed Up As Elsa Proves 'Frozen' Has Officially Gone Too Far (Video)

I was sick of “Frozen” the week it came out.

A year later, and tributes to the overrated children's flick (I've never actually seen the movie, but I'm guessing it's overrated) continue to plague the Internet like a bad case of herpes.

It's safe to say I am over it.

Naturally, when I saw “Elsa” in the title of this YouTube video, I cringed. But what I saw on the screen had me intrigued -- and my boss told me I had to watch it.

So, “Frozen” reservations aside, I clicked “play.”

I hereby happily report that watching this video was the best decision I've made in a long time.

This, guys, is the only “Frozen” tribute that matters. This is the most beautiful “Elsa” you'll ever see. And it's the greatest rendition of “Let It Go” you'll ever hear.

I've never enjoyed a 19-second YouTube video as much as I enjoyed this.

Watch the video and see why.

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