This Girl's Tinder Profile Will Have You Swiping Right Out Of Sheer Curiosity

In this day and age, everything is about being concise -- and finding love is no different.

Whether it's the 140-character wooing of a tweet, the 6-second seduction of a Vine or the worthiness of a thousand words in the form of an Instagram photo, the name of the game is making that first impression a lasting one.

The most important first impression in 2015, however, is the one you make in your Tinder profile.

A 19-year-old by the name of Nicole understands this better than anybody.

Nicole's profile is an attention-grabber, from her humble love of Applebee's half-off apps, to her honesty about sobbing while swiping on Tinder, it's certainly one full of quotes to write home about.

Whether she sounds like your type or not, she's worth swiping right just to continue the conversation.

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