We Can ALL Feel For This Girl Who Freaks Out When Her BF Steals Her Pizza


Most people reading this article are probably going to think this woman is overreacting to her boyfriend eating a slice of her pizza without her permission -- but, let me make this perfectly clear: I am not one of those people.

I stand with her.

Her boyfriend tweeted out the hilarious video evidence of her rant, which has now been shared over 42,000 times.

You can follow this brave woman who wasn't afraid to stand up for her pizza on Twitter. She is my one and true role model.

My favorite line from the video is also what I'd like engraved on my tombstone when I (I'm guessing) die from defending Jennifer Lawrence from a pack of wolves:

She went on to explain the backstory to Metro, saying,

He saw it differently.

Your words mean nothing to me, sir.

Thankfully, many of the good people of Twitter saw her side of things:

Later, now pissed he both stole her pizza and made her famous for getting annoyed about it, she sent him a long message --which he promptly tweeted -- explaining how she thinks he schemed to get that pizza from the word "go."

There is so much to unpack here, so let me just list my favorite gems from this work of art. (Really quick, though: It's very much not cool to call homeless people pigs -- OK, back to pizza frivolity.)

If their relationship can survive this, they can survive anything.

Because we live in a democracy, I will leave this up to the public opinion. What do you think?

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