When You Add Unnecessary Explosions To Funny GIFs, They Become Even Better

We're still a few years away from the photographic technology of the "Harry Potter" universe, meaning that for the time being, GIFs are the closest thing we have to mystical moving pictures.

GIFs (pronounced like the peanut butter if you want to be pedantic) might not be magical, but their easily digestible nature and infinite looping ability make them one of the more enchanting types of media out there today.

On their own, GIFs are pretty fantastic, but they're even better when filled with giant explosions.

Reddit's r/MichaelBayGIFs imagines what your run-of-the-mill moving pictures would look like if the director of many notable explosion-filled movies had a hand in their creation. If I had to describe it in a word, that word would be "better."

This is the coolest unicycling will ever be.

She's going to lose a couple of points for that one.

So is she.


I feel like that's somehow against the rules.

What a cool cat.

This cat's even cooler. Oh! The humanity (or whatever the wasp equivalent of humanity is). I like "Tangled" better when everything is blowing up. James Cameron has nothing on Michael Bay.  She hit the water so hard it exploded. That takes some skill. The good news? The explosive dog works. The bad news... I think this is a clip from NFL Blitz. Spread your wings and die.

Photos Courtesy: Imgur