Lifestyle — This Man Explains What It's Like To Be A Victim Of Gentrification In NYC

The word "Williamsburg" has been synonymous with bike-riding, mustache-sporting, flannel-wearing hipsters since the mid-2000s, but in the past few years, the neighborhood lost a fair amount of the character (and characters) that helped transform it into the cliche it's become.

It's become increasingly difficult for the artists and artisans who are commonly credited with gentrifying the neighborhood to continue to live there, as rent has started to rise almost as rapidly as the luxury apartment buildings being constructed in the area.

"Millennials of New York" tracked down one man who's been forced to deal with the impact of the second wave of gentrification in Williamsburg, and he explained how he's struggling to stay in the neighborhood he's called home for over two years.

Based on his experience, it's virtually impossible to walk more than a couple of blocks now without running into someone with a steady job and a stroller or discovering a cheap restaurant with the C health rating has been replaced by some sterile corporate monstrosity.

It's only a matter of time until he's forced to move to Bushwick and start the cycle all over again.

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