Funny Jimmy Kimmel Bit + Largest Breasts We've Ever Seen (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel has recently come to be known for his show’s great on the street segments on Hollywood Blvd.

On an episode earlier this week, Jimmy sent out a crew to find out what pedestrians thought about “President Obama’s decision to direct the IRS to send the Department of Public Justice to Benghazi to spy on Solnydra.”

For those of you living under a rock or have very little knowledge of what is exactly going on in the world besides funny videos, this sentence makes absolutely no sense. Jimmy has combined every current Obama related story into one, just to see what people say. Gotta love late night television!

Funny sketch, but holy sh*t! There’s no way those breasts were real. Right?

Woman could breast feed half of West Hollywood!

Via Jimmy Kimmel