From Japan With WTF?! 25 Crazy GIFs That Will Make You Think Differently About Japan

If you're an avid Elite Daily reader (you better be), you know about our popular series, From Russia With WTF?!, where we highlight some of the crazier videos and images to hit the web from Mother Russia.

It appears Russia might not be the only country blowing up with wild content on the web; in fact, Japan is pretty comical, too. We've shown you some of the most hilarious GIFs out of Russia, and now, we're bringing you 25 crazy GIFs from Japan:

This sh*t is bananas!

Mud Divers

Gay wrestling?...

A Strange Case Of Blue Balls

21st Century Geisha


Who wants a piece of gum?

Don't be such a hard-ass.

Sleeping Heli-cock-ter


Cartoons In Real Life

The Worst Way To Eat Dinner, Ever

The Greatest Dance Move Ever...?

The Clapping Mohawk

The Michelin Man

This raccoon is nuts!


How They Bowl In Japan...

Fourth Of July In Japan

No One Likes A Dead Fish

The Man In The Moon!

The Only Way To Make Sushi

Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!

...And She's Dead

Japanese Vampires

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