Wait...Does This Frog Actually Have A Massive D*ck?


Facebook is meant for three things: (1) keeping up with the sex lives of your ex-girlfriends, (2) sharing political articles that make you interesting to future girlfriends and (3) seeing pictures of a frog with a huge penis.

Now, I admit, that last thing has been pretty rare in, say, the last 12 years, but the day has finally come. A frog with what looks like a giant frog schlong (hereafter referred to as a "frong") was discovered.

I expect Mark Zuckerberg to announce the official suspension of Facebook, seeing as its three purposes have now been completed, and it met all its stated goals.

Here is the donkey dick in question.


Next time I feel the urge to sext, I'm just going to send this picture. I'm already basically this pale.

Unfortunately, this frong is not what it seems because frogs, sadly, don't have penises -- like Tom Cruise (rumor successfully started).


Frogs don't use penises. They just jizz all over the eggs female frogs release. Horny yet?

The Australian Amphibian Research Centre told BuzzFeed what we see in these hot pictures was probably just an "extra partially formed leg"... which is not as sexy but still really sexy.

Yes, unfortunately, this frog has a deformed half-leg in the penis area, which our human eyes read immediately as a cool, big d*ck.


I wish I had a deformed half-leg where my penis was (instead of just a deformed penis -- it has wings).

Anyway, maybe this frog can put its penis-leg to good use. I'm sure there is an adequately-sized squirrel that would love its company.

(PS. We finally found DAT BOI.)


If you don't know about this meme, seriously, don't worry about it. You're probably not ready for it.