7 People Who Should Be More Careful With What They Leave In The Shower (Photos)


Unless you somehow managed to avoid the "rabidly horny" stage of your teenage years, you probably know all about the consequences of diverting the energy your brain normally uses for critical thinking in favor of everything sex-related.

While the decisions we make in that moment might seem perfectly reasonable and rational, all you have to do is watch an episode of "Teen Mom" to realize moments of passion can come with unintended consequences.

Pregnancy is far from the only potential repercussion of having your judgement clouded by carnal desires -- those situations are also a breeding ground for moments of mortifying embarrassment you'll never recover from (which is almost as bad as being responsible for another human being).

It's common to take matters into your own hands in times of desperation, but it's vital to remember to take care of the evidence after you've done what you set out to do -- especially if you did it in the shower you share with another person.

If you forget, you lose the right to complain when a picture of your sex toy ends up on the Internet.

Certain challenges should never be accepted.

I don't think the first hashtag is very accurate. It's probably pretty clean (comparatively speaking).

Being passive aggressive isn't always the best strategy, but in situations like this, I think it's allowed. Neither party wants to have that discussion.

Men can be irresponsible too.

You'd think this guy would be a bit more anal about remembering to take his Fleshlight with him.

Veterans know the importance of lube when it comes to partaking in certain activities in the shower.

However, only true veterans know the importance of taking it with you when you're done.