People Are Sharing The Hilarious Things They'd Do If They Had 5 More Minutes

Modern life moves so fast! We barely have time to think! There are exclamation points everywhere!

I am five minutes late to everything. I don't know why. It's like my brain organizes time into five-minute chunks and always rounds up. Full disclosure: It is entirely possible that metaphor made no sense at all, but I don't have time to check.

Twitter is blowing up today with #IfIHadAnExtraFiveMinutes, and -- YES, YOU GUESSED IT!!! -- people are making jokes about what they'd do if they had just five more minutes.

Here is a selection I made of those tweets. ENJOY THEM IMMEDIATELY, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

Sounds about right.

Procrastination beats extra time every time.

There is nothing better in this world than "snooze-sleep."

Yup, that extra five minutes of battery life is going to be really important later when you need to aimlessly scroll through Facebook.

Every. Single. Day. Of. My. Life. (I think those were not full sentences, but I didn't have time to take grammar classus...or speling classus.)

Yup. Just yup.

No you wouldn't.

What a gentleman.

Pretty sure this is a metaphor for the pursuit of happiness.

I didn't know Superman was so religious.

It's the (bloodthirsty) thought that counts.

Such is life.

@Randomdudepdx, you seem very confident getting a taco takes only four minutes. I call bullsh*t.

Hopefully, this GIF is one of those car accidents where everything is fine.

Wow, bird, you suck at this game.

Making your bed is for soldiers and Dickensian orphanages, get that sh*t out of here.

I hope it's called "A Gnatural Life."