The Filipino Diving Team Is Absolutely, Mind-Blowingly Atrocious (Video)

The Filipino diving team is amazing at making big, watery splashes.

When it comes to diving competitions, everyone knows the bigger the splash, the bigger the points.

You jump from very high, do some flips and try to make as much skin-to-water contact as possible.

In the Kingdom of Watersports, he who possesses the leap with the biggest splash is said to be the most wealthy in the land.

That is why the Filipino diving team members walks like gods among men when they strut into a competition.

Watch as two Filipino diving legends attack the diving arena like bulls with ADHD in the world’s most cluttered China shop.

Wait, you aren't supposed to tear up the water like a monsoon?

Oh, God. What is this team doing? Why are they celebrating? So many questions.