This Farting Wombat Has The Most Incredible Resting B*tch Face Ever

Daily Mail

Being alive is stressful. In this day and age, everyone is stressed out about fitting in, about appearances, about avoiding social anxiety.

We curate our social media to present our best selves, and we attempt to hide or obscure everything about us that doesn't fit into our projected identities. But, honestly, we all just want to be this wombat eating corn and farting audibly while staring into the camera like a f*cking gangster.

This video is only six seconds long -- but it's longer than you've ever spent being your truest self.

This wombat is my role model.

What more can you want out of life than to be held by an Englishman while he feeds you corn and you fart at top volume with a dead face? Meryl Streep is jealous of this majestic beast.

Also, if you look closely, the wombat F*CKING WINKS as it farts! I'm not kidding. I've never seen one of God's creatures living so fully. I only wish that, one day, I will be able to summon up the courage to be as confident and at peace as this beautiful fart-Pokémon.

This wombat is living the life I can only dream of.

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