Girl Pranks Her Boyfriend With Fake Pregnancy And It Goes Horribly Wrong (Video)

Whether or not this video is fake, the people featured in it are monsters.

Here, we see a girl pretending to be pregnant and a guy insisting she cheated because he can't have children.

It's messed up.

If this video is not real, then we have two people who put a completely unreasonable amount of time and effort into staging a bonkers scene in a feverish attempt to capture some Internet fame.

But if this video is real, then it paints an even more troubling picture.

If it is real, then we have two people who prank each other so much and so cruelly, they are essentially incapable of believing anything they say to one another.

My only hope is that neither of them ever get cancer because the conversation breaking the news is going to be the most depressing thing in the world.

Let me imagine it for you:

Guy: ... I have cancer. Girl: Nope. Guy: ... No... Seriously... I'm dying. Girl: Prank. Guy: I'M NOT KIDDING! [Begins crying] Girl: Prank. Guy: [Continues sobbing uncontrollably] Girl: Prank.

Don't worry; it was just a prank.