Guy Exposes A Girl For Gold Digging By Acting Like He's Famous (Video)

There aren't many things people love more than videos that prove karma is a real form of cosmic currency and not just a concept we dreamt up to reassure ourselves people will get the fate we think they deserve.

Because of this, the Internet is filled with endless examples of nameless villains getting their due comeuppance, which we can watch and share while telling ourselves the universe is consciously just and fair.

Some of them are spontaneous moments captured by a lucky passerby, while others are slightly less authentic interactions orchestrated to appeal to the one thing everyone loves: cosmic justice.

As a result, I won't point out the reasons this video of an alleged gold digger might be fake if it means your day will be better after watching it.

We all do what we have to do to get through life -- don't let me be the one to ruin it.