Bee Prank Can Turn Any Beach Into A Topless Beach For A Few Seconds (Video)

The Internet has made it possible to find pictures and videos of naked people doing basically anything you can imagine (and plenty of things you probably can't), but there's no comparing digital naughty bits to their real world equivalent.

Unfortunately, tracking down a naked person in real life is significantly more difficult than hitting a couple of buttons (unless you have really low standards or a lot of disposable income). As a result, if you want to see someone's private parts on full display, you have to get a little bit creative.

If 80s movies are to be believed, the world is filled with peepholes offering candid views of women's locker rooms, but I've yet to encounter one in the wild.

I don't know much about the Viral Brothers, but based on this video I'm going to assume that they're two teenage boys trapped in the bodies of older men because you'd have to be pretty desperate to try and pull off a prank like this.

If you care enough to try this out, all you need is a cellphone and a readily available beach. As long as you're prepared to get your ass kicked, I'd say this is totally worth the trouble.