Extreme Phone Pinching Is A Thing And It Will Make You Cringe (Video)

Are you bored with your vanilla life? Desperately need some thrills?

Worry not, there is a fix for you: Extreme iPhone Pinching, a new practice that has the people of the Internet fearing for their smartphones.

First introduced by Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of pop group Twenty One Pilots, the practice involves dangling your precious iPhone over precarious drops just for the adrenaline rush — the tech equivalent of standing on the edge of a cliff to feel the fear of falling.

Joseph and Dun posted a series of videos of themselves engaging in iPhone Pinching to Vine, where the anxiety-inducing clips since attracted a lot of nervous attention.

See for yourself:

Extreme iPhone Pinching is not for the faint of heart.

The amount of anxiety this gives me #twentyonepilots #extremephonepinching https://t.co/qDhMTSFFk3 — kim. (@aero_sith912) September 29, 2015

Engaging in the dangerous practice may cause rapid heartbeat...


Excessive perspiration...

Peep the anxiety EXTREME PHONE PINCHING https://t.co/51YJufwJ0T — alien (@atomikaric) September 29, 2015

...or even, rapid iPhone death.

I've seen the extreme phone pinching video soooo many times and I still get nervous I Hate Tyler and Josh — riley (@virtuallyriley) September 28, 2015

Proceed with caution.

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