A Class Of Eighth-Graders Got Assigned A 'Fifty Shades' Word Search (Photos)

by Connor Toole

You're going to hear a lot about "Fifty Shades Of Grey" in the next few days (not that you haven't already), and while you might be getting sick of it, it's important to remember how insufferable this year's Valentine's Day would be without it.

I'm suffering a little bit of "Fifty Shades" fatigue, but there's something special about this particular story related to one of the few "New York Times" bestsellers you should never read in public.

According to WTAE, a middle school teacher in Monessen, PA, did what all teachers do when they don't feel like doing work: She handed out a word search for students to complete in lieu of any real assignment.

Unfortunately for that teacher, the particular word search was centered around "Fifty Shades Of Grey," meaning eighth-grade students were asked to spend their time circling terms like "bondage" and "fellatio."

Here's the version with the words local news can't legally broadcast.

And here's what those words are.

Some parents, as you might expect, expressed their displeasure to the school's administration, and while the school says it's currently investigating the incident, it hasn't released any additional information.

It's a bit disturbing that this word search was handed out to students, but we should also remember that someone spent the time constructing a list of terms to make a "Fifty Shades Of Grey" word search for other adults to spend their time completing.

That might be even worse.