Roommates Get Wasted And Play A Hilarious Game Of 'Truth Or Drink' (Video)

Your roommate knows more about you than anyone else in the world. More than your therapist.

More than your mom. Probably more than even you know about yourself.

Remember how shows like “Big Brother” and “The Real World” had full camera crews follow around all the members of the houses so they never missed anything?

Roommates are pretty much exactly like that, except they don't have 50 pounds of equipment to lug around, so they are much sneakier. That means most of the time you have no idea if they are home listening to you doing all that weird stuff you do.

So next time you think to yourself, “Eff, I gotta clean the dishes…. Actually, nobody will know if I use a ladle to eat this Chobani,” know your roommate 100 percent knows that…. and how you sound while having sex…. and how often you have sex.

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