Playing Jenga With A Mousetrap Is Definitely As Painful As It Sounds (Video)

Love Russian Roulette but hate the prospect of death? Have we found the game for you!

Created by two drunken men, the game is called “Mouse Trap Jenga,” and the premise is simple.

First, sprinkle small bits of something -- paper or (to be authentic) cheese -- all over the base of a traditional spring-loaded mousetrap.

You’ll want to make sure the pieces are small and lightweight but still large enough to pick up with your fingers.

Next, you and your opponent (or opponents) take turns trying to carefully remove said debris off the board without triggering the trap to snap shut.

Continue playing until either all of the debris is successfully removed or a player loses by setting the trap off. Bonus points to the winner if the loser's finger gets stuck!

A game that ends in pain and physical injury: Doesn't that sound fun?

Watch the ridiculously dumb game in action up top -- and please, don’t try this at home.