Someone Left A Hilarious Note On This Driver's Horribly Parked Car

Man has not yet invented anything that enhances the douchiness of a person more than the automobile.

I doubt when Henry Ford began his dream of making cars affordable and accessible to average Americans, he expected they'd have license plates attached to them reading "PEN15" or "NSTY HOE." Although, hey, who knows? Ford was a super antisemite, and you never know what other horrible sh*t those assh*les get into.

Anyway, what I'm saying here is cars make dickheads even bigger dickheads -- especially when it comes to parking.

Thankfully, sometimes we get revenge against these people.

One Imgur user in the UK spotted a hilarious note posted on a badly parked Audi.


Now, let's take a closer look at that note.


The note says,


*Applause* Nice work, my friend. *Applause*

I just like to think about how the man/woman who wrote this note had to have been carrying so many things on his or her person to make this happen. The author needed a pen, a piece of paper, Scotch tape and a condom.

That's so many tools.

Maybe it was Batman.

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