Who Do You Think Should Be Donald Trump's Running Mate? (Poll)

On Tuesday, Ted Cruz officially dropped out of the race to become the Republican nominee for president. And when he did that, the unthinkable, unimaginable circumstance that we now find ourselves in came to fruition: Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for president.

Now the big question is, who will be Trump's running mate? Who will he choose as his VP?

Some think it might be Ben Carson as he pretty much openly told everyone that's why he came out in support of Trump once he dropped out of the race.

But, our sources show that for this election there is another likely Donald Trump running mate: his hair piece with googly eyes stuck to it.

But can it defeat Ben "Slow Loris" Carson? Let's see what you think. Who do YOU think would make a better running mate for Trump: Ben Carson or Trump's hair with googly eyes?

Ben Carson makes sense, I guess, because Trump makes people hyper and angry while Ben Carson makes people sleepy. Basically, they're like a presidential eight ball.

But studies show that Trump's hair with googly eyes on it actually possesses a higher IQ than Trump himself and a far deeper grasp of international relations.

Other reported VP contenders include a bloodthirsty dog with a big boner, Smash Mouth, and a copy of "Mein Kamph" with a gun as a book mark.

Cast your vote below.