This Dog's Temper Tantrum When It Was Time To Leave The Pet Store Was Epic


Have you ever been somewhere and just did not want to leave?

While I'm sure most of us have thrown a vast majority of our temper tantrums when we were toddlers, we've all had our fair share of spaz-outs during our adult lives. It's OK to admit these things.

There's one dog out there that can relate entirely.

An adorable labrador showed the world that you don't have to be a toddler or a puppy to throw epic temper tantrums in hopes of getting your way once and for all.

The cute pup was filmed on the floor of a pet store doing everything in his power to stay put while his owner attempted to literally drag him out.

Don't worry, the only thing hurting him was the fact that he, well, had to go home.

Can you blame him? Pet stores are basically heaven.

Once the dog's owner decided it was time to leave the pet store and go home, the resistant lab began acting like that one girl at the club who thinks she'll never get to party or excessively down Fireball shots again.

He did NOT want to leave.

The video description reads,

This clever labrador knows how to get his way!

Yup, he certainly does know how to get his way... That's for sure.

He planted his paws on the ground, rolled over, played dead, slid on his furry stomach applied his best puppy face -- he pulled out all the stops (literally).

If you look closely, you'll see that he even began posing for the camera as if his cuteness was going to convince anyone. In actuality, all his tantrum did was put him in the running for the best dog actor in a viral video.

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